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Adrian Shine
Talks, Interviews & Lectures
U.K. Canada and U.S.A. 2013

Details and bookings mail@lochnessproject.com


General Interest Groups

Lectures and talks are varied and reflect the knowledge and levels of audience interest. Adrian uses his experience, video, still images and occasionally samples, to illustrate his talks.

T.V. / Film Interviews
and Consultancy

Travel Ambassador
Adrian Shine
Adrian Shine & Loch Ness
"Meteorology and Loch Ness"

Meteorological phenomena as an explanation for some Loch Ness monster sightings


February 2013


Loch Ness


Schools Talks &
University Students
Nessie at 80

My 40 Years Research at Loch Ness & Morar

Scotland on Sunday
February 2013


Loch Ness




March 2013


Loch Ness

Adrian Shine Sonar work
Sonar Search
The Geography of Loch Ness.
The geology, biology, physics and human geography of Loch Ness all contribute to the enigma of Loch Ness.

"Nessie at 80".

The Edinburgh Science Festival, at "The Counting House" Edinburgh
April 2013


Edinburgh Science Festival

Adrian Shine and Groundtruth camera
Deploying the Groundtruth
Sonar& Camera with
250m (820ft) cable.
Loch Ness Biological and Physical Paradoxes.
The poor algal productivity of Loch Ness is partially compensated by bacterial production. The great depth of Loch Ness isolates the extreme physical dynamics of the water column from the ordered settling of sediment layers.

Annual lecture for Middlesex University at Loch Ness
May 2013


University of Middlesex
Highlands Field Trip

Loch Ness Centre & Exhibition
Adrian Shine lecture CFIUK
Lecture for CFI UK

Adrian in the mini-
submersible "Machan".

adrian shine reconstruction of the surgeon's hoax
Reconstructing the
"Surgeon's" hoax.

September - October 2013

BC Canada and California & Arizona.

Boston. MA

11th - 14th Sept 2013
Vancouver / Okanagan Area. BC

17th - 28th Sept 2013
Seattle. WA

29th - 31st Sept 2013
Seattle, San Francisco, Las Vegas, Los Angeles. (WA, OR, NEV,CA.

1st - 20th Oct 2013
New York. NY
23rd - 26th Oct 2013

Adrian is available to deliver a range of talks and will be pleased to meet with your group. Please contact us asap for dates. Lecture fees for US and Canada are waived with only minimal speaker's expenses required.

In the first instance details about possible dates, topics, and availability are from Emma Clarke at:


Topics From Celtic culture to "natural history and mystery" and aspects of the biology and geography of Loch Ness; the Highland clan background.

e.g. Incoming traditions and the persistence of these traditions within Highland culture.

The Scottish diasphora.
The absorption of Native American tradition.

The modern linkage to the sea-serpent.

The refocus of American Scots interest in Loch Ness in the 20th century.

Expeditions and evolution of new science techniques using sonar, underwater cameras.

The thrust and conclusions of general biological science.

A small selection of media appearances and consultancy.
Expeditions and written papers are located throughout this site

2013 Visit Britain   - Tourism Ambassador

2013 Strangest Weather – TV  Documentary.

2013 River Monsters – TV series documentary.

2012 Visit Scotland  - Tourism Ambassador

2011 Visit Scotland  - Tourism Ambassador

2008 Fossil Detectives, TV series documentary.

2008 MonsterQuest  - TV series documentary.

2004 Incident at Loch Ness _ Film - Werner Herzog.

2007 The Nature of Britain TV series documentary.

2007 Toyota Trucks US Advert

2007  Freshwater Britain .

1998  Nova,  TV series documentary.

1998 The Beast of Loch Ness.

1997 Mysterious Britain .

2009 Meet the Hasselhoffs  TV series. 

2009 The Loch Ness Monster Revealed, TV documentary.

2008 Weird, True & Freaky,  TV series.

2008 Legendary Creatures,  TV series.

2008 Scotland  TV documentary.

2008 MonsterQuest , TV series documentary.

2008  Death of Loch Ness. TV documentary series.

2009 Unexplained Mysteries , TV series documentary.

2003 3Weird Travels, TV series documentary.

1997 Mysterious Britain, TV documentary.

Misc: National Geograhic,  Good Morning America,  Fox News, BBC Natural History, Blue Peter, The One Show, The Great British Countryside, BBC Focus, French TV, German TV, NBC, ABC. Gaelic TV, NZ TV, ITV, CNN, RAI, DISCOVERY CANADA, CBC, Irish TV. Swedish TV. Timeline Films, Pioneer Films,  Vist Britain, Visit Scotland.

Appearing with “The Hoff”, Werner Herzog, Pierre Cousteau, Tony Robinson, Alan Titchmarsh, Penn and Teller, , Jimmy Tarbuck, Ulricka Johnsson,

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